How to Impress My Girlfriend who has underestimated me     

Many of the time it happens with the boys that they fail to impress their girlfriend and cause of which their girlfriend underestimate them that their guys are not worthy. Is the guy who have the same situation and wants to know that How to Impress My Girlfriend who has underestimated me? Then you are at right place we are here to help you. When your girlfriend underestimates you then nothings are worst feeling than things because every guy wants to be a hero of her girlfriend but if it is happening that you are getting fail to show your power, attitude, muscular personality in front of your girlfriend then what to do to impress her? And the answer to your Question is Astrology. Astrology has lots of tactics by using which you can easily get influence your girlfriend’s mind towards you and can easily impress her towards you.  by applying these astrological tactics, you not only can impress your girlfriend and infect make them agree to respect you.

How to Make a Girl Chase You?

Who are the guys who don’t want this? Actually every guy wants that girls chase them DO you also wants to know that How to Make a Girl Chase You? then keep reading ,it’s not that much easier as they see Because for making the is possible you need some extra Quality and extra positive points and people says that if you don’t have that all then just forget about that dream that girls will chase you. But it’s not true if you don’t have a good looking personality, you are not rich, not having some extra Quality then still you can make this possible for you and it is possible by the help of astrological tactics. Astrology has lots of tactics and strategies by which you can make this possible that every girl chase you and can fall in love with you.


  • Thanks for the feedback! I felt like I was writing something that was all too common, with the fast draw in a street and all. I wanted the climax to be different than a gunshot to avoid a cliché. I reworked the whole story from the snake bite to make that point you mentioned: put your pride aside and walk away. I would’ve liked to put some more background on the characters, Bobby in particular. To be honest, I really don’t know what comes of Bobby, but anything can happen! Maybe I’ll write a part 2 to this story sometime.Thanks again for your input. I look forward to the next challenge!

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